I have some experience with crises.  There’s something really important to keep in mind when you’re in one.

You’ve gotten through every crisis you’ve ever faced.

Think about it.  There are only two ways to get through a crisis:  pull through or die.  If you’re not dead, you got through it.

I’m sure some of those crises hurt.  Some of them may have even permanently damaged you.  You may wish you hadn’t gone through them.

You may be dreading that process now.  You may not want to go through whatever it is the crisis will take you through.  I get that.

But let’s be clear:  that’s what you’re actually dreading.  Not the end of you.  

Because you’ve gotten through every crisis you’ve ever faced.

This is really important.  When a crisis strikes, it’s not so much the crisis that endangers you.  It’s your response to the crisis.

Are you relaxed?  Alert?  Ready to react and move?

Or are you paralyzed?  Frozen?  Unable to help yourself?

It’s healthy to be afraid in a crisis.  It enables you to do what you need to do to survive.  Fear is not anxiety.

Fear causes a fight or flight response.  Anxiety on the other hand causes paralysis.  Usually when a crisis comes, there’s some of both.

So the best thing to do is to recognize what part of what you’re feeling is fear, and what part is anxiety.  Take steps to respond to the fear.   Do whatever you can to prepare for, or react to the thing that scares you.

What about the anxiety?  Ignore it.  Why?

Repeat after me.  “You’ve gotten through…”  Then leave a comment.


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Bill Manico September 29, 2019 @10:58 am

Hi Adam, I enjoy your website. I wanted to let you know I attended the week long seminar given by Barbara Lister-Sink of Freeing the Caged Bird seminar. I found it to be most helpful and a nice complement to the Fraser approach. Highly recommend it.

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